Investments are votalite in nature. Every little behavioral biase from the investor’s side can affect it. Until recently, investing was considered to be a logical exercise. It was rather recently when behavioral impulses were found to have a large impact on investing as an exercise. The definition of a good investor often includes adjectives like ‘shrewd’ or ‘impersonal’. While it holds true that these characters could be seen as positives when it comes to the market, having a controlled behavior can be your sole key to success out here.

Invesri explores various problems which could be potentially hurting your investments.
Some of these problems include :-

  • Herd Mentality
  • Emotional Outlook
  • Lack of Accounting Skills
  • Narrowed Interest in Portfolio Development
  • Loss Aversion

Through the course of this article, Invesri helps you spot the potential problems and find plausible solutions to the same.