Nobel Winning Research

The state of the art Wealth Robot is also built using Nobel Prize Winning Research.

Invest Like A Millionaire

Invest your money using the same strategies that portfolio managers of the wealthy use.

Unified Dashboard

Track your goals, assets, finances all from a single dashboard.


I want to invest for

We make sure you never lose track. We make sure your money is working for your goals. With intelligent monitoring of your portfolios and Smart Rebalancing, we track your investments continuously and ensure your financial success.

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Investment Committee

Team of Advisers

Invetment Model

Build Your Portfolio

With Technology Backed by Investment Advisers

Once you determine your financial goal and finish the risk assessment, our Pool of Investment Advisers will get to work on your behalf and build a portfolio of assets consisting of Stocks, ETF's, Bonds.  Our Wealth Robot will then get to work to execute this portfolio for you.
This killer combination will be guiding your portfolio all the way to reach your financial goals.
Exchange Traded Funds

Smart Allocation

Invesri builds smart portfolios of your assets modelled after the Noble Prize winning research. All you have to do is come with a financial goal you want to invest towards. We will build your portfolio and maintain with lowest possible costs for you. Our Wealth Robot will be on your side all the way through.

Automated Rebalancing

Every time you make a deposit or receive returns, we automatically rebalance your portfolio. We generate rebalanced trade orders depending on your asset class' tolerance to suit your needs. This is a nifty strategy multi millionaires had used for years and now at your service.

Tax-Loss Harvesting

Our Tax-Loss Harvesting method has been traditionally used by wealthy portfolio managers for years now. We use tax loss harvesting methodology to reduce tax loss and get more of your money to work towards your goals.

Retirement Planning

Invesri understands the importance of a good Retirement Plan. Our world class tool will assist you with your retirement plan and come with a rock solid strategy. We also offer a customized portfolio and deposit scheme to make sure you have a comfortable life after retirement.

Risk Categorization

We use your timelines and goals to assess the risk levels associated with your investment and help to create a customized as well as balanced portfolio leveraged in Stocks, ETF’s and Bonds.

Pool of Investment Advisors

Not just technology will be on your side. But a team of world class Investment Advisors that had worked in the most coveted financial institutions will be at your service to create your portfolio. They will review the asset models, constantly be reviewing the market dynamics and make sure you are on track.


We use the same security technology that NASA uses to secure their servers. If it is good enough for NASA, we thought it will be good for our customers. Your security is one of our top most priorities.

Smart Allocation
Automated Rebalancing
Tax-Loss Harvesting
Retirement Planning
Risk Categorization
Pool of Investment Advisors

Easy to use

Avoid Guesswork

Avoid guesswork and hearsay from your financial planning.  You have a dream. You have to protect it, nurture it and make it come true.

You cannot put your most valuable goal in one person's hands and wish everything will be fine.  We have seen too many burned hands, too many dreams shattered because of inexperience.  Take control of your financial goals.

That's right!

Know Your Money

All the financial tools you need will be at your fingertips.  Literally.  Our award winning app can be accessed from any device you own and be in control of your finances.

We changed how wealth management works.  This is no more in the hands of the elite portfolio managers who manage the money of the wealthy few.  We want you to have access to the same strategies, tools and methods.

Not only will a pool of world class Investment Advisers work to build your portfolio but you can also get in touch with our investment support for any question on your portfolio.

And we promise we will not sneak up on you with hidden fees and hidden agendas.  We promise transparency throughout our interaction with you.  Which is why thousands of traders trust us.


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